Quranic passages

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Quranic passages

Post by Admin on Sat Aug 13, 2011 2:20 pm

Q.1 what should be included in the main theme of the Quranic passages?

The central idea of the Quranic Passage should be made clear. There can be more than one theme.. Just like in Urdu, there is Markazi khayal, the only difference is theme can be more than one. This part requires:
· Teaching
· Lessons
· Belief
· Theme
As for the meaning of reflection ,it means how the sura talks about the themes in a particular manner e.g. Sura 112 talks about the themes of God in Himself, His Oneness, His uniqueness which may be different to the way its talked about in other suras.

Q.2 How many themes are there of the Quranic Passages?

-Total of 15 passages in syllabus
-further divided into:
Allah in Himself
Allah’s relationship with His Created World
Allah’s Messenger

Q.3 How many Passages are set in the paper and how many to attempt?

- 3 Quranic passages are set in the paper
- candidates are required to answer any two
- each passage carries 4 marks

Q.4 There are three major themes of Quranic Passages.

Is it necessary that passage will set in the paper from each part of them?
This is not necessarily true. It is sole discretion of the examiner to set the quranic passage out of any three phases. So students should not take risk and he should go through all the Quranic passages.

Q.5 Can we give reference in (a) part of the question?

Yes. References are always acknowledged. But reference should be relevant and should make sense. Vague or unclear reference cannot score high.

Q.6 What should be the length of the answer?

- quality of your answers matters, not the quantity
- but as each part carries 2 marks, writing more than 5 lines is not advisable.


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